Zookeepers defeat G’FIVE MFC 1-0. The defeat to JYC ends the Red Lions 5 game unbeaten streak.



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3 responses to “Captured

  1. prem

    O my god did u loose game with Jawlakhel? That’s toooooooo bad. u guys no gonna progress anymore, okay good luck for loose.

  2. Shuvachintak

    O MFC, Gunda ko Khel pahila n Hero ko Khel Pachhi ho ki k ho? hehehe start ma ta ramro Profomance thiyota ahile k vo ? Gunda pariye6 jasto6ni. Katai Religation ma Parneta hoina, Yehi para ho vane Religation ko pani last no 12 ma parin6 jasto 6ni> best of luck hai. Foreign kheladi lyaye pachhi ta jhan game kamjora vayo hai, yo kura Team management le bujnnu parne kura aayeko6 MFC team ma, Natra future No12 sure6.

  3. Luck

    U r absoletly right Shuvachintak bro. it’s going to be 100% right that MFC will be No12 of the A Division Legue 2010.

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